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FranklyWild Fashion Show at the Oakfield Farm Bridal-Expo #SS2014 …!


At last the weekend I had been waiting for all year arrived!  I had been shepherded for sometime, by social media, towards the @Oakfield_Farm @BridalExpoSA which took place on the 18 & 19 Jan 2014!  This was perfectly OK by me, as I’m getting married soon and it is just where I want to go!  Like any Glamour Gal, I was going to make sure that I didn’t miss the Fashion Show, why, because I want to be in a hot little number when I get married.  To ensure I wouldn’t get lost, this coral of Social Media played its part in securing my attendance as the build-up to the @_FranklyWild #FashionShow began!






Now before I get to the Fashion Show…. I had a lot going through my mind….decisions, decisions….venue, food, flowers, stationery, photo’s, video, and perhaps most important my Gown!  My checklist in tow, I began the adventure. There was a new outfitter at the Expo this year – Angelino based at the Michelangelo Towers Mall in Sandton.  They stock some awesome Italian designs and were running a 50% Off #InStorePrices – but just for the Expo weekend.  I picked up some ties, shirts and a pair of trousers for my Fella, and still had enough change in my pocket for a Boerewors Roll before the big Show.





As I made my way past the Chapel I managed to get myself a glass of Pierre Jourdan bubbly for a tenner.


Now, I was armed and ready for what was hyped up to be a spectacular fashion show, and the last thing on my checklist – a Bridal Gown.  Let the Show begin, I commanded, as if my thoughts were powerful enough to resonate through to the Fashion Show Director, and ensure they started in time to feed my desires.  I don’t know why I was so impatient at this point, as there was some great live entertainment on the go, Havana Gas were doing a set I could sing to, so I snuggled into my chair, now content, and waited for the @_FranklyWild #FashionShow.


The Fashion Show started to a lively rendition of Chris Brown’s ‘Beautiful People’, rather appropriate I thought as I looked around the stage at my fellow brides-to-be, and from the shadows of the tree’s to my right a Limo emerged.  Luxury Limo’s of very kindly allowed our Brides to arrive in their latest limo’s.  They are the only Limo company in SA to have a Mini and a Beetle Limo!

What oh what, was going to step out I wondered, as I enjoyed yet another sip of bubbly.  As the door of the Limo opened the brides stepped out and swayed onto the stage as ‘Beautiful People’ merged into Liquid Deep’s ‘Alone’.

PAGE-10&11_FH22141 (1)

Three rather bewildered young men stepped out of the car and made their way on stage, and you’re not going to believe this next bit……..wearing everything but their trousers.  I loved it; so true…what is the last thing your fella puts on before he goes out – and especially on his wedding day…his trousers LMAO.  Oh, and instead of their trousers they had a bottle of champers in tow…soooo true of men!


They started the Fashion Show with Lingerie by Anna Pardal.  It looked comfy, cosy and “where do I get a pair” was my only thought.







As that was still resonating in my head …. I started to hear church bells ring, and as I gazed behind me towards the Chapel, I was just in time to see a Bride & Groom releasing Doves.  “What a handsome couple I thought,” as they made their way up to the Show Stage.


Pronovias Barcelona (in SA) launched their ‘Flower-Girl-Gown-Collection’, with 2 little poppets as they danced and grinned across the stage, scattering Rose petals in all directions as they raced to meet the Bride & Groom at the foot of the stage.


As it turned out, this was a celebrity couple.  @MorganBeatbox was the Groom and he had decided to tie-the-knot on the day to the #Gorgeous @Caley_J.  As they were invited up on stage, closely followed by the two flower, I absolutely loved the 1st kiss…and to be honest it was a ‘get-a-room-moment’.  Morgan stayed on stage to do a Beatboxing set, and it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen this young man, he is talented, he is magnificent and he is our very own – South African & Unofficial World Record holder!  Morgan astonished us with some magnificent Beatboxing before he was asked to join the ‘Grooms’ and Model, which I believe was a first time for him.  Morgan being the sport that he is immediately accepted the challenge and left the stage I presume to find his 1st outfit…





And then it began, the @_FranklyWild Fashion Show with Pronovias Barcelona stealing the show from the beginning with their #AweInspiring Internationally designed and unique collection.  Wow, that opening set with an upbeat fast tempo in a mini-skirt bridal gown to Vanessa Paradis’ Divine Idylle was sensational.  And to top it all, the next track was Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe singing ‘Barcelona’.  Pronovias Barcelona had set the precedent, so how would the rest of the show unfold?



I must just add, that the show would not have been possible had it not been for the great job done by Tentation, in providing the cover for us all, and of course Blast Entertainment for the sound and lighting – #ShoutOut to #Tentation & #BlastE


@Dr_Foil was next up and if you don’t already know….he is a ladies #BFF.  If you don’t know why…read my Blog titled “No Woman should be without Him”.  I believe a picture tells a thousand words, and this man is #Spectacular so enjoy my story in pictures…!

















All the #Brides had #StunningMakeUp as @Sam_Scarborough did some exceptional work by creating several different looks just to exhibit what was possible for a bride on her special day.  Sam used four popular looks to demonstrate some options for the #BridesToBe.  A Natural fresh faced bride, Vintage bride with a classic 50’s style, Modern bride with a pop of colour, and of course the all-time favourite Smokey eyes!  Take a peek at the various images on show in this blog to see the variety that Sam showcased for us…


Similarly, Danielle Kaplan of Fringe Salon was inspirational in her attention to detail as she stroked and weaved every strand of the #Brides hair into position.  The Brides looked sensational as Danielle illustrated just what is possible on your special day…


The Bridal Gowns on Display were amazing, I mean this really is the place to come if you’re searching for a Gown for your wedding.  We had stunning designs by #BridalWardrobe, New Romantics and the Wedding Dress Company.  New Romantics offer really convenient two piece gowns giving the bride that freedom to enjoy her day as she should, and the Wedding Dress Co. are putting some bright colour back into bridal.


Hettie from #F&HCreations offered some exceptional finesse and style with the Gowns she showcased.  F&H offers superb attention to detail and this is reflected in their Gowns!


#DiamondLove of Killarney Mall showcased some gowns from their Enzoane collection, they have an awesome Store in the Mall so pop past and say Hi to Tumi who will be glad to do a fitting with you!


Anel Botha of Anel Botha Couture showcased some spectacular designs of her own.  Anel designs and makes her gowns in her Studio.  If you’re looking for a local designer with superb talent, be sure to make a booking with Anel who will be glad to secure an appointment for you either in her Krugersdorp or Johannesburg Studio.




#GFBridal carry a stunning range of Gowns, all tailored specifically for the Bride and you can visit GF in Store near Montecasino in the North of #Jozi and just ask for Elsa; or if you’re closer to the South they have an #Awesome Boutique situated in the #JoburgFlowerMarket complete with fitting rooms, and hospitality second to none where Tamsin will fit you into that once in a lifetime #BridalGown


#VonveBridal carry some awesome gowns, and not just for the #Bride but they also carry a #Bridesmaid and #MotherOfTheBride collection.  If I’m not mistaken, #Vonve now stock the #BadgleyMischka collection and are the only stockists of this range in South Africa.  Rochelle has a lovely boutique where she offers intimate and confidential service, so if you’re looking for some undivided attention and an awesome bridal gown make a booking with Rochelle now!


It was a #sensational show, full of great #bridalgowns and #superb entertainment.   The Emcee was #awesome and of course…the part I love the most….an opportunity to win some shoes or maybe even a #FreeWedding.  But again, I’m going to show you how awesome it was…not tell you…so enjoy…..!












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Catch the Ultimate in Bridal-Expo’s in Gauteng this month! 18/19 Jan 2014

The Ultimate in Bridal-Expo’s this month!  18/19 Jan 2014 in Gauteng

Well, that is a pretty bold statement if you look at the title of this Blog – I mean the word ULTIMATE tells me that it is going to be the Best of the Best of the Best..!

But folks, it is.

South Africa’s TOP Bridal Exhibition is about to unfold in just over 1 week’s time.  Ok, so I’ve made another sweeping statement using the word ‘Top’.  Let’s face it; you have to be confident to use those 2 powerful words when you talk about something.  Why don’t you come on down and see if I’m wrong.  On the 18th and 19th of January – yes just a few days time – the Ultimate in Bridal-Expo’s is going to unfold.


South Africa’s biggest and best outdoor @BridalExpoSA #SS2014 is taking place @Oakfield_Farm once again, and with the #FashionShow getting a #MakeOver it promises to be the best ever.


So those of you that have already been to a FranklyWild #FashionShow will know that they never disappoint and always have something #Spectacular & #Innovative on offer.  Well Yes, you’ve guessed it – @_FranklyWild is doing the #SS2014 #FashionShow @Oakfield_Farm’s @BridalExpoSA.  You may already know @_FranklyWild …


The Wild1 with Chu Suwannapha @safashionweek #AW2014…

The Wild1 with Chu Suwannapha @safashionweek #AW2014…


It is going to be different, it is going to be special and it is going to entertain!  But perhaps more importantly, it is going to showcase the best of #Gauteng’s #BridalCouture.  If you’re a serious Bride, and you’re looking for the #Best of what’s on offer then you should get down to @Oakfield_Farm’s @BridalExpoSA 18/19Jan2014.  It is the ULTIMATE Bridal Expo in SA with the TOP Exhibitors showcasing the BEST of the BEST for the Bride and Groom in 2014!










Nobody can say it better than #Michelle, or plan it better than #Siann so in their words, this is what it is going to be all about!

“Every bride deserves to fulfill her dream. Oakfield Farm Wedding Venue is renowned for slick co-ordination. Our two Bridal Expos held in January & July each year continue to celebrate their uniqueness – upholding both an easy-going vibe enhanced by the exceptional quality of exhibitors; the elegant grandeur of its existence and of course the proficiency of Oakfield’s friendly staff members.

Couples get to meet SA’s leading wedding specialists in the beautiful and romantic gardens of this sought after wedding venue. 

Add to that, no expo is complete without great food and entertainment. And great food can only be “GREAT” if there is no compromise on ingredients. Visitors can choose to enjoy their food by either -bringing their own ground blanket and choosing a spot on the grounds – or sitting at tables in the gardens & listening to great live entertainment. 

With over 120 Wedding Specialists to choose from, a spectacular FREE @_FranklyWild FASHION SHOW @ 4pm, GREAT Food, Live entertainment & OVER R125’000 in Prizes to be WON at the Fashion Show each day, this bridal event is guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired & ready to plan your PERFECT day!”


So, it is starting to make sense now, right!  Outdoor Bridal Expo, Great Food – bring your own if you like & enjoy it in the awesome surroundings of @Oakfield_Farm – a FREE Wedding, YES Free Wedding (Venue, Food, Photies, MU, Hair, and, and, and…) to be given-away daily at the #FashionShow, an #Astonishing Hair-Show demonstration by one of SA’s #TopStylists @Dr_Foil, #BreathTaking #BridalCouture to be showcased at the #FashionShow, and a real-live #Celebrity performing at the @_FranklyWild #FashionShow – this celebrity recently performed at the 94.7 Highveld Stereo Jo’burg Day in front of over 30’000 cheering fans!  Oh, and of course it is a @_FranklyWild #FashionShow!


I guess you’re now starting to understand what licences me to use those bold adjectives!  This truly is the #ULTIMATE #TOP @BridalExpoSA.  If your date is drawing nearer, or you’re just thinking about it, come to @Oakfield_Farm and say Hi to us at the Show…!


Go to the BridalExpo website and follow the links to get your webticket (or you can buy it at the gate on the day!), and read about what you can expect at South Africa’s Ultimate Bridal Expo!


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Sexy, Seductive & Sensual – Technical Underwear..!

Now many of our Sporty Girls out there will claim that Technical Underwear is SUPPORTIVE ‘like a Man should be’!  All of us girls know that technical knickers and a sporty bra wick sweat away from the body with padded and adjustable straps and breathable fabrics, and along with the ergonomic style and design that comes with most of them today, they maximise comfort and the efficiency of a good workout.  But is that all that Technical Underwear does, and is that all that Technical Underwear is?  Not according to our Technical Underwear Stylist.


“You are forgetting the three “S’s” of Technical Underwear.”  Technical Underwear can be Sexy, Seductive and Sensual,” our Stylist for the day tells me.  I start to come around to her way of thinking, as I remember how the heads turn in the Gym each time I do a push-up.  “Is that what you’re getting at” I ask our Stylist.  “No” she continues, “You are forgetting a key fashion item that was incredibly popular over a Century ago, and it wasn’t the Sport Bra.”  “Ah” I reply, “I know what it is, but how on earth did women walk, sit or even attend to the calls of nature?  It’s a Corset!”




“Yes,” she replies, “Corsets over the years have been used to slim the body and make it conform to a fashionable silhouette. For women this most frequently meant a curvy figure, where the corset was used to reduce the waist, and thereby exaggerate the Bust and Hips.  But times have moved on, and now they are comfortable, and convenient for the ‘calls’ of nature” she laughs.  To our Stylist it means the three S’s, Sexy, Seductive, and Sensual.  Our Technical Underwear Stylist runs an Italian Couture Lingerie and Hosiery in Johannesburg, and is very active in the Wedding Industry, where she wholesales her Corsetry to the Top Designers in the South African Wedding industry.


All of her products and materials are manufactured and hand crafted in a small town in Italy near Verona, using only the finest silk and exclusive Italian design.  Her key brands have both been proven in the Italian market for over 50 years.  “The craftsmanship and style has been uncovered through the study of the female figure and the meticulous selection of quality materials over the years, along with high precision workmanship and perfect wear-ability; just like your Sports Bra” she jokes.


As I study the Corsetry, the combination of hand stitched soft delicate lace and gorgeous embroidery that truly embody the elegance of the three “S’s” as our Stylist has explained it to me, I start to see how this could make a Bride feel Sexy, Seductive and Sensual on her Wedding Night.


I conclude our discussion “Jacelyn, if my wedding night starts like this, and I offer my future husband the three S’s, then maybe, just maybe, this is a Key Ingredient to starting my Marriage off on the right footing…!?”  Jacelyn replies, “it’s worked for me…”

This #AwesomeCorsetry was recently showcased at a couple of Fashion Shows choreographed by @_FranklyWild.  The first was hosted at the Sandton Convention Centre and the second at the VIP Room in the Towers opposite the SCC.  Enjoy a couple of the images from the Show…





If you want more details on the 3 “S’s” or the Corsetry concerned let us know through this Blog…!


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No WOMAN should be without HIM..!

So WHO is he, and what does he do?

Walking towards us with purpose, we couldn’t help but take to him immediately.  With a smile that engulfs you, an empowering green jacket and matching shoes, and a massive personality – he steamed over and introduced himself.  We loved him instantly…!


We met at a ‘brief’ for a show we had been invited to Produce.  Few people take us by surprise, but here is a man with a purpose that is born from experience, expertise and existentialism.  Our first impression was confirmed, as exuding self-confidence in Styling Woman’s Hair for over 30 years (for Caucasian, and 15 years for Ethnic Woman), we couldn’t believe the growing repertoire this Man was presenting to us.


Now why we were drooling, as ‘the gentleman in question’ continued to discuss his background, is that we’ve been looking for an awesome Stylist to work with us on Fashion Shows and Events that we Produce.  Not only does ‘he’ have this remarkable way of making Woman feel awesome every time he is around them, but he is also a Professional Hair Stylist, Make-Up Artist, Dance Instructor, Dad and regularly performs on stage!  You might ask yourself why we need this kind of experience at FranklyWild?




It’s important because to get the best out of the Shows we Produce & Choreograph, we need the assistance of a specialist who knows what is HOT and what is NOT!


And of course we need a specialist to get the best out of our Models and show them, whilst he is styling them, how they can add awesome shine to their Hair.  We need someone with years of experience building their confidence in that brief time he is preparing them for our Shows, to ensure we get the best from them during our Shows!


I’d like to introduce you to our new Stylist Dr Foil, a friend, a mentor, a listener and most certainly a Shoulder to Cry on.  He once told me “a Stylist is the new B.F.F, unlike other friends, we can make all the pain go away by making ‘You’ look fabulous…And unlike a therapist, we have no problem telling it like it is.”


Dr Foil is an incredibly talented Stylist.  Not only does he make miracles happen everyday in his salon, but also Dr Foil has been preparing ‘want-to-be pageant girls’ for almost 20 years.  “It is all about Protein Treatment for Body, Moisture Treatment for Bounce, and letting Your Hair Shine.”  When a Man can spend an hour with a Woman and make her look incredible then it is hard to offer her a better ‘pick-me-up’.



If you have a question for Dr Foil, please use this Blog to ask it…!


T: @_FranklyWild

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@MorganBeatbox – Refined Talent…!

Now we know that a number of you gorgeous ladies out there would love to have been in our Studio this past weekend as we hosted South Africa’s most popular beatboxer – @MorganBeatbox!  Morgan popped in with our @_FranklyWild Stylist @Dr_Foil to do a Studio Shoot with us.  @Dr_Foil Styles  @MorganBeatbox and keeps him looking spectacular at every performance!

Morgan as always came well prepared and full of Hot ideas!


Those of you that have attended some of our #FashionShows will already know that @MorganBeatbox is @_FranklyWild’s Favourite opening Act!  He captivates you, he mesmerises you, he seduces you, but most important he astonishes you with his Refined Talent!

Morgan can simultaneously create 7 sounds at the same time from his voice box! YES SEVEN…..!


Ok, so I am going to tell you something a little mischievous that I may have done a month or so ago!  Morgan was opening a #FashionShow for us in the Michelangelo Towers in Sandton, when I (rather naughtily using the other Mic) challenged him from the 7 sounds he is comfortable with (which I understand is also an unofficial #WorldRecord) to 8.  He was seducing the audience with his remarkable repertoire when I jumped on the mic and suggested he go to 8, rather cheekily.  True to form @MorganBeatbox took the bait and #STUNNED each and every one of us… without hesitation….he rocked it to……..8 consecutive sounds!  #REFINED TALENT


Now before I get too involved with the Shoot, perhaps I should tell those of us who don’t exactly know how Beatboxing works, what it is!  It is a form of Vocal percussion, primarily ‘connected’ with hip-hop culture, which involves drum beats, musical sounds, rhythmic sounds and other sounds (for example sounds made that mimic a; helicopter, hair clipper, & just about anything you can imagine!) all produced using his mouth, lips, tongue and voice!  OK, boring but hey some of us haven’t always known what it is all about – all right!


This Young Man has one Big Secret that allows him to do what he does and produce all those sounds simultaneously from his mouth, but I’m not going to tell You what it is on this Blog….I’m going to challenge You to come to the next Gig and witness his #RefinedTalent for Yourself!  Keep an eye on his @MorganBeatbox Tweets for details…


What Rocks You, when you meet @_MorganBeatbox is that he is a decent young man that is loving life, loving his work, constantly striving to do better and surprise his audience each time he performs; and all of this comes through in his spectacular performances.


A Big #ShoutOut to @MorganBeatbox for being exactly who you are…!

Morgan’s biggest performance this year was thanks to an invitation from @WhackheadS from the #BreakfastXpress team on @947Highveld to perform at their #JoburgDay, and @MorganBeatbox #Rocked that Crowd….if you were there you’ll know what we mean.

This Dude really will – #BlowYourMind…!


Look forward to our next Show together Boet and you’re welcome round Ours anytime…





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SA Fashion Week AW2014 Collections…


Let’s take a look at a selection of Designers showcasing their AW2014 collections at SA Fashion Week

Dramatic opening to the 'Inspired by Minnie' collection from Suzaan Heyns...

Dramatic opening to the ‘Inspired by Minnie’ collection from Suzaan Heyns…

This October’s edition (2013) of SA Fashion Week was once again held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosebank, and as she does so effectively at each showcase Lucilla Booyzen once again provided us with an astounding exhibition of some of the finest fashion talent this country has to offer.  Now I’m sure that if the rest of you are as passionate about fashion as we are, then you will already have siphoned through some of the blogs already out there updating us on this past weeks event.  I’m going to give you our FranklyWild take on what was special for the AW2014 collections.  Thanks to Crowne Plaza once again for your awesome hospitality, and a Big #ShoutOut to Lucilla & @safashionweek for another spectacular showcase.

The Foyer at Crowne Plaza Rosebank during SA Fashion Week...

The Foyer at Crowne Plaza Rosebank during SA Fashion Week…










One of my favourite’s this Spring had to be the Suzaan Heyns ‘Inspired by Minnie’ collection.  I’ve always seen Suzaan as one of the more technical designers.  Perhaps it is her attention to detail, and perhaps it is her training at LISOF.  Most obvious however is that each collection is unique from the other, and more importantly her inspiration resonates throughout the collection and has a more strategic presence than most – in other words when we see a Suzaan Heyns collection, we know it is a Suzaan Heyns collection.



If I’m not mistaken I believe Suzaan was the first South African and perhaps even African designer to base her collection on the Disney character, Minnie Mouse – #AwesomeInspiration.  #ShoutOut to @suzaanheyns for #InspiringFashion



Another inspiring collection that caught our eye was from the inspirited designer Shaldon Kopman’s Naked Ape AW2014 collection.  Shaldon really got it right and seemed to have an insight into our mindset with this collection – this stuff is wearable to the upwardly mobile Gentlemen!  Not only is the Style bold and resolute but it is taking us one step closer to catching up with our European counterparts, rather than following them.  The collection was specifically African, the colours screamed out we love Autumn, and the fit looked snug; just what you want to be in AW2014.  Maybe the Models looked snug too!



And who says our Awesome South African celebrities don’t grace the catwalk – they certainly do!  Big #ShoutOut to @jon_boyntonlee, a self confessed Director, Writer, Actor, Philanthropist, Hopeless Romantic & “Top Billing” presenter.


We also had the countries Top Stylists and Editors at the Show, invariably being hounded by the Press, including Chu Suwannapha from You & Huisgenoot and the ever present Jennifer Su.


We loved both the Designs and the Models for Palse Homme Ladies AW2014 – #Awesome!


And of course, the South African Fashion Week would not be complete without some flambouyant and discernible couture from @RomanHandt.  Always relevant to a Man that wants to be noticed and most certainly showcase his ‘happening & here’ statements.  For an Autumn/Winter collection it was delightfully cheerful – Roman Handt AW2014


Wouldn’t you Love to know what these Ladies were discussing……..!!!??


Well, that’s our pick for the AW2014 SA Fashion Week collection – we hope you enjoyed it…

T: @_FranklyWild

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Mrs South Africa Pageant 2013…


We were first introduced to the Mrs South Africa (Mrs SA) finalists during our last week of preparation for the Sandton Fashion Show we produced in August.  The Pageant Director Joani Johnson met with us at Annica’s, a rather delectable upmarket Restaurant in the Michelangelo Towers Mall in Sandton, where you get spoilt rotten every time you visit.  From spectacular Hors d’oeuvres to mouth watering mains I’ve not tasted finer cuisine for a while, so don’t let me get started on their Cake Alchemy, especially their champagne pairing!

Annica's in the Michelangelo Towers Mall in Sandton is hard to beat for the finest Jozi Cuisine...

Annica’s in the Michelangelo Towers Mall in Sandton is hard to beat for the finest Jozi Cuisine…

Getting back to the Mrs SA finalists at our Sandton show.  We were in our last week of preparation but fortunately, being FranklyWild, we could accommodate.  We slotted the ladies in for a fitting on the Wednesday before the Show, and I must say, I can’t recall having met a finer group of Women anywhere.  I was having a bad day so when I met the first of the Mrs SA contestants Roelien, who greeted me with a welcoming smile, the stress of the morning lifted right off my shoulders.  Thanks Roelien!

Roelien Kroon

Roelien Kroon

These Ladies are rather remarkable, a dress fitting on the Wednesday and a Star performance at the weekend – minimal preparation 100% commitment.  I suppose that is what the pageant is all about.  We couldn’t host all of the contestants as they live around the country but for those we did host, it was spectacular.  Some of the fun from our Show with the Ladies in pictures…



On Saturday night, the Mrs SA 2013 Grand Final was held at Emperors Palace in Jozi.  As you can probably already tell by now, we at FranklyWild prefer to tell our stories in images with as little narration as necessary.  However, it is important to mention the remarkable work that these woman do during the course of their campaigning for this Grand Final.  Each of them goes into her community and makes a difference.  They work closely with those in their community that need their help the most, and provide if even just for a day, some brief respite from their daily toils and hardship.

A @_FranklyWild #ShoutOut to the @MrsSAPageant #2013Finalists – the work you all did over these last few months was remarkable…..Thanks

All of our 2013 Finalists for the Mrs SA Pageant...

All of our 2013 Finalists for the Mrs SA Pageant…

Now let’s get to the fun stuff.  You can always tell the calibre of a Show by the Audiences & invited Guests that attend.  Well this was no exception.  The remarkable Simba from our SABC 3 TopBilling Television Show was MC for the evening, a role he shared with the gorgeous Amor Vittone!  Their relationship on stage was fun to watch, especially the part where Amor invited Simba to stay on stage and sing and dance with her!  Haha, loved it – well done Simba!


Simba is fast becoming a formidable MC, and looking the part too…!


Before I continue with the Final Show on Saturday night I thought that we might share some moments from the Media launch earlier in the Week…


Possibly one of my favourite shots of the Ladies, enjoying lunch on Friday afternoon after rehearsals – hungry and relaxed…!


Amor entertained us during the course of the evening with various tracks from her numerous albums and I must say looked #Amazing on the Night…!


And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, it was that time again – the Final Countdown.  When 22 become 10, and 10 become 5 and 5 become 3, and 3 become 1….!  The ladies looked #Stunning on the night, none more so than our eventual Winner.  Earlier in the evening the ladies were introduced to us, and they shared with us their ambitions as well as the good work they had done during the course of the pageant.  As I mentioned earlier, this is perhaps the part of the Pageantry that is the most important.  Encouraging our contestants to go out into the community and show the rest of us how it is done.  This is the perfect time to introduce some of our Celebs that were there on the night, as just like the contestants, they too have done amazing work within their local community to make a difference.  Let’s see who was there….


Before I actually introduce you to the Final 3 and the Winner I found some interesting shots of our Gorgeous Judges whilst they were being introduced to the contestants on the night, and whilst they were fiercely deliberating…


As the tension mounted during the course of the evening, and as each of us was trying to put together our top 3 contestants for the crown, the Judges had a challenging job at best deciding who would be the winner of the R600’000 prize and an opportunity to carry the crown for a year and do some noteworthy work for the Pageant during the course of their reign.  As the Final 5 were announced, Roelien Kroon, Debbie Braun, Chantelle Swart, Kholofelo Chademanah, and Chane de Kock; those of us that had spent time with the contestants in the run up to the Final night were not too surprised as we had all enjoyed and some time or another the worthy attributes that had given these last 5 contestants a chance at the title.  Anyone who had spent some time with Kholo, knows that she is as crazy as she is fun, and a dream to work with.  In fact, her husband is even crazier than she is if that is at all possible!

Annica's at the Michelangelo Towers Mall in Sandton is hard to beat for the finest Cuisine around Jozi...

Annica’s at the Michelangelo Towers Mall in Sandton is hard to beat for the finest Cuisine around Jozi…

Kholofelo was crowned our worthy 2nd princess…


Chantelle Swart who we had also first encountered at our Sandton show was crowned our 1st Princess for this year….


A worthy Winner, I’m sure you’ll all agree, all the way from one of our finest Wine regions Stellenbosch – Chane de Kock.  Let’s have a look at her road to Victory…


All in all it was a fantastic evening hosting some of the country’s best people.  Thanks to all that made it a special evening, and thanks especially to the amazing contestants that showed us all what we should be doing within our communities over the next 12 months.  You Ladies were spectacular, thanks for sharing your journey with us…


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Mens Health – 6th Annual Fashion Show

#MHStyle Fashion Show Melrose Arch

#MHStyle Fashion Show Melrose Arch

Ok, so you all have to be asking yourselves how do I get an invite to this #FashionShow next year because I’m hearing it was awesome – Well, it was..!



Mens Health held their #Jozi Fashion Show on Thursday (19th Sep) in Melrose Arch, one of our more prominent venues for the upwardly mobile.  The Dome they erected in the North facing square added a wicked touch to what was already an awesome venue.  And need I tell you that the Who’s Who of the #Jozi Fashion & Celebrity world were all there.  Nope I’m not going to give you names, that’s boring, but what I am going to give you is a little insight to who else was there – just one or two!

Let’s take a look at a few images from the Show…….this is how the Show started…this one’s for the Girls….!


Now if you know Mens Health, South Africa’s top selling Men’s magazine, then you’ll know it is the one show of the year that Men who want to be Men attend.  Also, you’ll know that Mens Health only use #AwesomeModels, and yes they were all there last night!  I recognised instantly Dumi, Etienne, Sean S & Sean T, and of course Maps.  Maps had just popped back to #Jozi in time for the show, and it’s always great to see him in a show as he brings something really special to the Ramp.



And of course, one for the Girls….hope you don’t mind Maps but you are “Cosmo’s Hunk of the Year”…!
The Show is one of the years best offerings, as it is exactly what it should be in this industry, a ‘Power half-hour’ and just enough time before and after for cocktails and intro’s!  Was great to see Charlene & Warren from ICE screaming in elation when their Models are on the Catwalk – great team you’ve got there Jane, I guess that’s why you’re all family at ICE.  And of course my favourite PR’er from Infinite Communications – Leon H.  I love seeing Leon as he has this ability to always say the right thing around me and make me feel awesome…mmmm…maybe that is what PR’ing is all about.  Whichever it is, Leon is damn good at what he does, he gets the job done, and I love him for it!

Now it takes a very exceptional young lady to be the only one in a Man’s Fashion Show.  That young lady happened to be #GinaG and she rocked that catwalk with the Boys…



And lastly, for those of you who watched the MasterChef Final last week, I knew I recognised the young happy soul mingling in the crowd with her new found celebrity status – our runner-up Leandri!  I have to say to Mens Health and Azeez, the venue was wicked, the hospitality was wicked, the guests were wicked, but most of all, your show was wicked – #BigShoutOut to @MensHealthZA & @AzeezJacobs!  Thanks


Let’s finish where we started.  How do I get an invite to next year’s show?  I have no idea, but the simplest way of ensuring you have the best chance is to make sure that you get yourself to the right parties, meet the right people, behave appropriately, and spend some time following the #FashionIndustry and talking about it in the right circles.  Oh, and it helps to have some industry related skills too………… see you there next year…..!


And Thanks to @IgniteEvents_PR for the invitation

As you can see we do a cool blog & take some #Wicked Pictures so let us know if you’d like us to cover your next event, activation, show!  Also, don’t forget Folks, if you want to host an #Awe-Inspiring #FashionShow, get hold of us and we’ll see how we can help activate your brand, launch your product, or convert your offering to a household name.
Right, time to move on to the next gig and get planning….thanks for joining us for this one…

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Fashion Show at #MTM including David Tlale…

Many of us associate the Michelangelo Towers Mall in Sandton, opposite the Sandton Convention Centre, with #Exclusivity, #TopBrands & #Unaffordable!  Well at the beginning of the Month perhaps the most important of those associations was challenged and overcome, even if just for a spectacular weekend of Tenant Hospitality, Fashion Shows, Entertainment & Unadulterated Beauty.

Dr Foil preparing Anneri for the Tlale Show...

Dr Foil preparing Anneri for the Tlale Show…

Yes, many of the Tenants offered serious discounts on selected stock for guests as they allowed us to Showcase their latest Fashion & Trends.  Over the weekend, FranklyWild hosted four Fashion Shows, the Mrs South Africa Pageant Director & a dozen of her 2013 Finalists, and a ‘late night kick-butt’ Party courtesy of the VIP Room – one of #Jozi’s most exclusive nightlife venues.

Now I know what you’re all thinking, how did we manage to hold a competent fashion show in a Mall?  Well it wasn’t easy, but thanks to the amazing Tenants that provided us with their latest collections, the exceptional professionalism of the models that we used, and an awesome Stage/Sound/Lighting team – Monster Productions & Events, it Rocked…!

Dino in David Tlale...

Dino in David Tlale…

We were very honoured to have the privilege of hosting some of the country’s top brands at the Towers, and in particular one of South Africa’s hottest exports, David Tlale – who has just showcased his collection in the #MBNYFashionWeek.  David allowed us to showcase for the first time in Jo’burg his Men’s Collection of exquisite garments – thanks @Tlale_large!

Etienne rocking the catwalk in a Tlale classic...

Etienne rocking the catwalk in a Tlale classic…

Of course the Audience loving Tlale and appreciating that it was the 1st time these Men’s Outfits were being showcased in #Jozi, absolutely absorbed every second of it, and welcomed our Male Models to the sound of rapturous applause – it really was something special to be there for the 1st Show!

Lesego ready to partner Etienne for a night-out in Tlale...

Lesego ready to partner Etienne for a night-out in Tlale…


Now there is one thing that we have to say about David Tlale – This Man designs awesome garments!  If you’ve met the Man in person you’ll recognise, that after just a few moments of conversation with him, that David has this unbelievable vision of Fashion & Style and how to transcend his thoughts into garment-masterpieces, sometimes I feel like he sees us all as a canvas.  Both the Ladies & Men’s garments were spectacular.


A Big @_FranklyWild #ShoutOut to @Tlale_large for your Extravagant and Stunning Designs – you truly are a World Class Designer!



The actual theme of the weekend was Bridal Fair as the Towers were looking to promote their destination as one of the Continents leading Bridal havens.  However, it is safe to say I believe that what we showcased had a lot more to offer than just bridal fair.  One of the crowd favourites was the hats on show from Lou Lou’s Boutique.  Bearing in mind we’d just a few months earlier had the Durban July, and considering that they are not a daily insistence from most of Gauteng’s double-XX’s, the response was not surprising – it was astonishing!


The Big Bridal Showstopper however, was our dear friends from Pronovias Barcelona.  The Pronovias store in the Michelangelo Towers Mall is one of our favourite stores in Sandton, as not only do they have amazing staff & the widest range of breathtakingly stunning bridal gowns, but they also carry an amazing range of Cocktail Gowns – all sleek and sensual.  Let’s have a look at what they showcased for us I have to mention that they were also our gracious sponsors of gowns for the Mrs South Africa 2013 finalists that Joani Johnson introduced us all to.


Joani is the Pageant Director for the Mrs South Africa contest and was the also the Winner in 2009.  With the run into the finals drawing near, it is being hosted at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg on the 5th October, competition between the ladies is getting fiercer by the day with each of them trying to outdo the other through charitable events and activities that benefit their direct communities.

Ana, Angelica & Dr Foil having some fun with Mrs SA 2013 Finalists...

Ana, Angelica & Dr Foil having some fun with Mrs SA 2013 Finalists…

A #Big @_FranklyWild #ShoutOut to @JoaniJohnsonSA & @MrsSAPageant and all the amazing work that they do that changes peoples lives for the better all around the country.


 Joani Johnson being interviewed by former Mr SA 2009 Stephen Segal (they won in the same Year – coincidentally)


No FranklyWild Fashion Show would be complete without sensational and professional styling from our Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists.  Whilst Angelica and Ana were making-up our models, Dr Foil was on hand too not only transform our Models Hair into ‘Michelangelo’ works of art but he also performed a spectacular hair and dance show.  Dr Foil is a Man of many talents.


With over 30 years experience in Styling Hair, including 15 years with Ethnic Hair, Dr Foil is also a Dance Instructor and showcases an astounding Hair & Dance Show choreographed by FranklyWild.

Dr Foil admiring his work on the Gorgeous Michaela...

Dr Foil admiring his work on the Gorgeous Michaela…

A fitting way to conclude this narration is just as dramatic as the manner in which we opened each of our Fashion Shows, with an amazingly talented, incredibly good-looking and quite frankly (‘scuse the Pun), all round great Guy.

Morgan Beatbox is an absolute pleasure to work with, he is always mindful of what you want to get from his performance, and of course he always pushes himself to deliver the best for his audience.  In fact, for the 1st time I understand in the World, Morgan Beatbox set an unofficial world record by generating 8 consecutive sounds, yes EIGHT, from his mouth, all at the same time during our Show.  As always Brother – You Rocked our Gig!  #ProudlySouthAfrican

#Big @_FranklyWild #ShoutOut to a remarkable Man and incredibly #TalentedArtist @MorganBeatbox & of course the Man who always makes him look #Dapper for his Gigs @Dr_Foil


Finally to conclude this Blog, I have to also give a big thanks to the VIP Room in the Towers that allowed us to host our #AfterParty in their awesome club.  Chris, Amar, Nicci – Thanks.  I’m not going to explain how #Awesome it was, and I’m not going to tell you who was there, as the who’s who of Gauteng joined us, but what I am going to tell you is that it was an astonishing evening, and if you were invited then you’ll know what we’re talking about.  Great Dancing by the Girls, great fashion show by our Models and some of our Mrs SA 2013 finalists, but most of all a phenomenal #AfterParty at the VIP Room Michelangelo Towers Mall, Sandton.


Don’t forget Folks, if you want to host an #Awe-Inspiring Show, get hold of us and we’ll see how we can help activate your brank or launch your product, or convert your offering to a household name.

Right, time to move on to the next gig and get planning….thanks for joining us for this one…

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