David Tlale – “Fashion is a Product, it says I’m Beautiful, Buy Me”

Thanks to ALL for helping with a #WickedSetUp and #WickedShoot it sure shows in the Video!



Being on Schedule to participate as Your own Brand in #NYFashionWeek, is like Winning a GOLD Medal at the Olympics, especially as it is the gateway to the fashion worlds biggest market.  Just under 2 years ago our very own #KingOfFashion – David Tlale – did just that!  Now if it was anybody else, they would have played it safe, but it wasn’t anybody else – it was David Tlale.  So what did he do, he dispensed with Styling the Models Hair and instead went for Head Pieces, Clean faces and Bold Lips, and it worked – the reviews were Stunning.


You can imagine then, how ecstatic we were when David Tlale accepted our invitation to participate in our inaugural FranklyWild PowerHalfHour FashionShow series.  In case you’re wondering what a PowerHalfHour is, it is a combination of a catwalk, an installation (Models act as Mannequins) and a Buyers Lounge – all in the space of half an hour!  If you’re still wondering, then it is best you pop down to Emperors Palace in Jozi this coming weekend (12th & 13th July) and see for yourself.  It is also the inaugural event for The East Rand Wedding Show so it is going to be a very exciting weekend indeed, especially for all those Brides-to-be that are joining us.

David_Tlale_WEB GALLERY-02A-0356

To promote the event we asked David Tlale to pop into the Studio for a shoot.  Being the Gentleman he is, he did exactly that.  What we didn’t know is that he had just spent the week abroad, had spent the weekend in Cape Town, and was due to leave for the States the following day – but pop into the Studio he did!  When we asked him about the ‘jet lag’ he answered, “I don’t have time for it, when I’m tired I sleep”.  I suppose that is what sets David apart from the rest & why David is renowned for designing garments for Woman who want to make a statement #SexyPowerfulWoman #MakingAnEntrance #LoveDrama #HighFashion #ExcitingFabrics #CommandAttention


Knowing David, if you’re at the show, you may just get a chance to meet him!  So pop down and come and say Hi……! Tickets are available on Webtickets or at the Door.


Makeup was compliments of @KBeautySA #KardashianBeauty @SavannaJardine & Hair was by @Dr_Foil #HairGenius.  Thanks also to @ERWedding #TheEastRandWeddingShow for giving us an Event to Showcase our New #FranklyWild #PowerHalfHour #FashionShow Series, and of course @EmperorsPalace #YourPalaceOfDreams for the upcoming Venue.

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FranklyWild inaugural PowerHalfHour FashionShow series to host Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs…

Have a peek at the promotional shoot we did with Craig Jacobs of Fundudzi at our FranklyWild Studio, for the upcoming East Rand Wedding Show at Emperors Palace….!!


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@Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs to showcase @_FranklyWild #PowerHalfHour

We were very privileged to be introduced to the Fashion entrepreneur, trends guru and media personality Craig Jacobs just a few weeks ago, when the organiser of The East Rand Wedding Show turned to us and said – “do you think you can fit him in?”.  Fit him in…fall over ourselves to fit him in is more like the expression we have in mind.  Have a look at the Shoot….


I had better paint a picture for you before we all get lost in this Blog.  We are producing the Fashion Show at the inaugural Wedding showcase to be held at Emperors Palace this winter – 12/13 July 2014 to be precise.  The event promises to set a new bench mark in the industry as it is the first event of its kind to be held in the East Rand of Johannesburg, but in particular because it is hosting the first ever #PowerHalfHour Fashion Show, an idea conceptualised by FranklyWild.  If you’re wondering what it is, and how it all works, you’d better make sure you book yourself a ticket.  We will tell you though that it is going to be the ‘FashionWeek’ of Wedding Shows!


So Who is Craig Jacobs and what does he do?

This is the part where everyone always takes three long paragraphs to tell us what we already know, so we’re not going to do that.  Let’s keep it simple, and let’s keep it real.  Craig popped into our Studio for a Photo Shoot on Thursday.


Let’s tell you in one sentence about the man – he is uncomplicated, really easy to chat too, and can’t do enough for you.  If you want to know more about Craig, and what he does, and what Fundudzi is, then pop past the East Rand Wedding Show at Emperors Palace in a couple of weeks and we’ll show you during our #PowerHalfHourFashionShow…!  You may even get to chat to him at the Fashion Installation.


Before I sign off on this Blog, we’re really excited to be hosting Craig as one of the designers during our Maiden PowerHalfHour shows, and even though we didn’t know we’d have Craig at the time we conceptualised it, this is exactly why we came up with the idea!

The Man is amazing, the shoot was spectacular – enjoy the images…!  Thanks Craig…



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Dr Foil makes miracles happen at the FranklyWild Fashion Show…

With almost 35 years of experience in an ever evolving industry, few have the ability or resolve to stay at the Top of their game. @Dr_Foil recently spoke to our very own Greg Wild, of @_FranklyWild, about how he does it…

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@Stuttafords_za #MensFashionTrends

Few People you meet ALWAYS light up when you greet them, and cascade you with an amazing sense of specialness.  Thanks @jennifer_su you did it again today, looking #Sensational as always.


There are a couple of interesting points that came out of Today’s #MensFashionTrends with @Stuttafords_za.  I’ll not be going out this winter looking scruffy and comfortable because according to Ryan the two don’t go together any more.  I’ll be going out looking comfortable, stylish and dapper.  Looking forward to it.  Ted baker, Ben sherman, Guess, Lyle and Scott, Levi, Belfield, Sgt Pepper, Addidas, Hurley, Vans.  Ryan Curnow showed us what is Trending this season at Stuttafords Men…


@sgtpepperbrand continues to please with their simple yet effective #DenimAndDust.  I love the look because the shades are subtle yet effective, the denim looks old but new, its rustic and Yeah I WANT that two tone shirt that is hidden but shouting out from behind the jacket, is it blue and red, is blue and tan, is it…..I don’t care. I want it!


Ryan…building desire in my mind about what’s #Trending this season and in particular for me, #SgtPepper and that #TwoTone….!


There is an expression…..we didn’t Invent it, we Perfected it….well however you’re imagining it applying to this brand….it is certainly what I think about each time they seasonalise me – tell me I’m wrong.  Maybe they were the first, maybe they weren’t….who cares….. @LevistraussSA is showcasing some hot casual wear this Winter.  The hint of ‘camo’ (Camouflage) really rocks it for me – remember the days when we weren’t allowed to wear Camo – well they’re gone….so I’m gonna get a few jackets and a couple of pairs…watch me!  Also, one of my favourite belts is a LEVI and they gave me another wicked belt in the #GoodieBag – Thanks @LevistraussSA #501’s


They first made it to the stage in the 70’s I think, but their maturity is starting to show now as they match young with old, new with fresh, and suave with chic – Bellfield I like…


And whilst we are on Suave I have to mention Lyle & Scott.  Our friends from that ice-cube up north they call Scotland seem to be getting it right consistently now – they’ve done it again.  Take a look – it’s bold, it’s smart, it’s casual, it’s chequered, it looks comfy, IT IS…!


The last one I’m going to single out from today’s #MensFashionTrends with @Stuttafords_za is what I would wear if I was going walkabout.  Damn, it looks comfy.  If I get too hot, I can take something off and still look good, if it’s nippy I stay warm, but most of all when I order a Pint from the #HotLittleNumber behind the Bar – she won’t say no, she might think yummy; if I’m wearing Hurley…take a look…


Oh, and guess who won a #LuckyDrawPrize.  @_FranklyWild’s #Wild1 getting a #PoloRED from @jennifer_su #THANKS. #WeWon


Before I sign off for this Blog a #BIG #ShoutOut to @derikvanwyk #ThanksDude …….. #YouKnowWhy….!  The Event Rocked, the food was great, the champers was welcome, the hospitality was second to none – Loved it.  A woman never smiles quite as much as when she is holding a #GoodieBag – right Derik?  Awesome #GoodieBags Boet, thanks to you and your sponsors for those – W.I.C.K.E.D…


Enough chatter from me…… @Stuttafords_za #MensFashionTrends in pictures….












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Highlights from FranklyWild Fashion Show Oakfield Farm Bridal Expo #SS2014

Highlights from the @_FranklyWild #FashionShow…!

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Sexy, Seductive & Sensual – Technical Underwear..!

Now many of our Sporty Girls out there will claim that Technical Underwear is SUPPORTIVE ‘like a Man should be’!  All of us girls know that technical knickers and a sporty bra wick sweat away from the body with padded and adjustable straps and breathable fabrics, and along with the ergonomic style and design that comes with most of them today, they maximise comfort and the efficiency of a good workout.  But is that all that Technical Underwear does, and is that all that Technical Underwear is?  Not according to our Technical Underwear Stylist.


“You are forgetting the three “S’s” of Technical Underwear.”  Technical Underwear can be Sexy, Seductive and Sensual,” our Stylist for the day tells me.  I start to come around to her way of thinking, as I remember how the heads turn in the Gym each time I do a push-up.  “Is that what you’re getting at” I ask our Stylist.  “No” she continues, “You are forgetting a key fashion item that was incredibly popular over a Century ago, and it wasn’t the Sport Bra.”  “Ah” I reply, “I know what it is, but how on earth did women walk, sit or even attend to the calls of nature?  It’s a Corset!”




“Yes,” she replies, “Corsets over the years have been used to slim the body and make it conform to a fashionable silhouette. For women this most frequently meant a curvy figure, where the corset was used to reduce the waist, and thereby exaggerate the Bust and Hips.  But times have moved on, and now they are comfortable, and convenient for the ‘calls’ of nature” she laughs.  To our Stylist it means the three S’s, Sexy, Seductive, and Sensual.  Our Technical Underwear Stylist runs an Italian Couture Lingerie and Hosiery in Johannesburg, and is very active in the Wedding Industry, where she wholesales her Corsetry to the Top Designers in the South African Wedding industry.


All of her products and materials are manufactured and hand crafted in a small town in Italy near Verona, using only the finest silk and exclusive Italian design.  Her key brands have both been proven in the Italian market for over 50 years.  “The craftsmanship and style has been uncovered through the study of the female figure and the meticulous selection of quality materials over the years, along with high precision workmanship and perfect wear-ability; just like your Sports Bra” she jokes.


As I study the Corsetry, the combination of hand stitched soft delicate lace and gorgeous embroidery that truly embody the elegance of the three “S’s” as our Stylist has explained it to me, I start to see how this could make a Bride feel Sexy, Seductive and Sensual on her Wedding Night.


I conclude our discussion “Jacelyn, if my wedding night starts like this, and I offer my future husband the three S’s, then maybe, just maybe, this is a Key Ingredient to starting my Marriage off on the right footing…!?”  Jacelyn replies, “it’s worked for me…”

This #AwesomeCorsetry was recently showcased at a couple of Fashion Shows choreographed by @_FranklyWild.  The first was hosted at the Sandton Convention Centre and the second at the VIP Room in the Towers opposite the SCC.  Enjoy a couple of the images from the Show…





If you want more details on the 3 “S’s” or the Corsetry concerned let us know through this Blog…!


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No WOMAN should be without HIM..!

So WHO is he, and what does he do?

Walking towards us with purpose, we couldn’t help but take to him immediately.  With a smile that engulfs you, an empowering green jacket and matching shoes, and a massive personality – he steamed over and introduced himself.  We loved him instantly…!


We met at a ‘brief’ for a show we had been invited to Produce.  Few people take us by surprise, but here is a man with a purpose that is born from experience, expertise and existentialism.  Our first impression was confirmed, as exuding self-confidence in Styling Woman’s Hair for over 30 years (for Caucasian, and 15 years for Ethnic Woman), we couldn’t believe the growing repertoire this Man was presenting to us.


Now why we were drooling, as ‘the gentleman in question’ continued to discuss his background, is that we’ve been looking for an awesome Stylist to work with us on Fashion Shows and Events that we Produce.  Not only does ‘he’ have this remarkable way of making Woman feel awesome every time he is around them, but he is also a Professional Hair Stylist, Make-Up Artist, Dance Instructor, Dad and regularly performs on stage!  You might ask yourself why we need this kind of experience at FranklyWild?




It’s important because to get the best out of the Shows we Produce & Choreograph, we need the assistance of a specialist who knows what is HOT and what is NOT!


And of course we need a specialist to get the best out of our Models and show them, whilst he is styling them, how they can add awesome shine to their Hair.  We need someone with years of experience building their confidence in that brief time he is preparing them for our Shows, to ensure we get the best from them during our Shows!


I’d like to introduce you to our new Stylist Dr Foil, a friend, a mentor, a listener and most certainly a Shoulder to Cry on.  He once told me “a Stylist is the new B.F.F, unlike other friends, we can make all the pain go away by making ‘You’ look fabulous…And unlike a therapist, we have no problem telling it like it is.”


Dr Foil is an incredibly talented Stylist.  Not only does he make miracles happen everyday in his salon, but also Dr Foil has been preparing ‘want-to-be pageant girls’ for almost 20 years.  “It is all about Protein Treatment for Body, Moisture Treatment for Bounce, and letting Your Hair Shine.”  When a Man can spend an hour with a Woman and make her look incredible then it is hard to offer her a better ‘pick-me-up’.



If you have a question for Dr Foil, please use this Blog to ask it…!


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SA Fashion Week AW2014 Collections…


Let’s take a look at a selection of Designers showcasing their AW2014 collections at SA Fashion Week

Dramatic opening to the 'Inspired by Minnie' collection from Suzaan Heyns...

Dramatic opening to the ‘Inspired by Minnie’ collection from Suzaan Heyns…

This October’s edition (2013) of SA Fashion Week was once again held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosebank, and as she does so effectively at each showcase Lucilla Booyzen once again provided us with an astounding exhibition of some of the finest fashion talent this country has to offer.  Now I’m sure that if the rest of you are as passionate about fashion as we are, then you will already have siphoned through some of the blogs already out there updating us on this past weeks event.  I’m going to give you our FranklyWild take on what was special for the AW2014 collections.  Thanks to Crowne Plaza once again for your awesome hospitality, and a Big #ShoutOut to Lucilla & @safashionweek for another spectacular showcase.

The Foyer at Crowne Plaza Rosebank during SA Fashion Week...

The Foyer at Crowne Plaza Rosebank during SA Fashion Week…










One of my favourite’s this Spring had to be the Suzaan Heyns ‘Inspired by Minnie’ collection.  I’ve always seen Suzaan as one of the more technical designers.  Perhaps it is her attention to detail, and perhaps it is her training at LISOF.  Most obvious however is that each collection is unique from the other, and more importantly her inspiration resonates throughout the collection and has a more strategic presence than most – in other words when we see a Suzaan Heyns collection, we know it is a Suzaan Heyns collection.



If I’m not mistaken I believe Suzaan was the first South African and perhaps even African designer to base her collection on the Disney character, Minnie Mouse – #AwesomeInspiration.  #ShoutOut to @suzaanheyns for #InspiringFashion



Another inspiring collection that caught our eye was from the inspirited designer Shaldon Kopman’s Naked Ape AW2014 collection.  Shaldon really got it right and seemed to have an insight into our mindset with this collection – this stuff is wearable to the upwardly mobile Gentlemen!  Not only is the Style bold and resolute but it is taking us one step closer to catching up with our European counterparts, rather than following them.  The collection was specifically African, the colours screamed out we love Autumn, and the fit looked snug; just what you want to be in AW2014.  Maybe the Models looked snug too!



And who says our Awesome South African celebrities don’t grace the catwalk – they certainly do!  Big #ShoutOut to @jon_boyntonlee, a self confessed Director, Writer, Actor, Philanthropist, Hopeless Romantic & “Top Billing” presenter.


We also had the countries Top Stylists and Editors at the Show, invariably being hounded by the Press, including Chu Suwannapha from You & Huisgenoot and the ever present Jennifer Su.


We loved both the Designs and the Models for Palse Homme Ladies AW2014 – #Awesome!


And of course, the South African Fashion Week would not be complete without some flambouyant and discernible couture from @RomanHandt.  Always relevant to a Man that wants to be noticed and most certainly showcase his ‘happening & here’ statements.  For an Autumn/Winter collection it was delightfully cheerful – Roman Handt AW2014


Wouldn’t you Love to know what these Ladies were discussing……..!!!??


Well, that’s our pick for the AW2014 SA Fashion Week collection – we hope you enjoyed it…

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Mrs South Africa Pageant 2013…


We were first introduced to the Mrs South Africa (Mrs SA) finalists during our last week of preparation for the Sandton Fashion Show we produced in August.  The Pageant Director Joani Johnson met with us at Annica’s, a rather delectable upmarket Restaurant in the Michelangelo Towers Mall in Sandton, where you get spoilt rotten every time you visit.  From spectacular Hors d’oeuvres to mouth watering mains I’ve not tasted finer cuisine for a while, so don’t let me get started on their Cake Alchemy, especially their champagne pairing!

Annica's in the Michelangelo Towers Mall in Sandton is hard to beat for the finest Jozi Cuisine...

Annica’s in the Michelangelo Towers Mall in Sandton is hard to beat for the finest Jozi Cuisine…

Getting back to the Mrs SA finalists at our Sandton show.  We were in our last week of preparation but fortunately, being FranklyWild, we could accommodate.  We slotted the ladies in for a fitting on the Wednesday before the Show, and I must say, I can’t recall having met a finer group of Women anywhere.  I was having a bad day so when I met the first of the Mrs SA contestants Roelien, who greeted me with a welcoming smile, the stress of the morning lifted right off my shoulders.  Thanks Roelien!

Roelien Kroon

Roelien Kroon

These Ladies are rather remarkable, a dress fitting on the Wednesday and a Star performance at the weekend – minimal preparation 100% commitment.  I suppose that is what the pageant is all about.  We couldn’t host all of the contestants as they live around the country but for those we did host, it was spectacular.  Some of the fun from our Show with the Ladies in pictures…



On Saturday night, the Mrs SA 2013 Grand Final was held at Emperors Palace in Jozi.  As you can probably already tell by now, we at FranklyWild prefer to tell our stories in images with as little narration as necessary.  However, it is important to mention the remarkable work that these woman do during the course of their campaigning for this Grand Final.  Each of them goes into her community and makes a difference.  They work closely with those in their community that need their help the most, and provide if even just for a day, some brief respite from their daily toils and hardship.

A @_FranklyWild #ShoutOut to the @MrsSAPageant #2013Finalists – the work you all did over these last few months was remarkable…..Thanks

All of our 2013 Finalists for the Mrs SA Pageant...

All of our 2013 Finalists for the Mrs SA Pageant…

Now let’s get to the fun stuff.  You can always tell the calibre of a Show by the Audiences & invited Guests that attend.  Well this was no exception.  The remarkable Simba from our SABC 3 TopBilling Television Show was MC for the evening, a role he shared with the gorgeous Amor Vittone!  Their relationship on stage was fun to watch, especially the part where Amor invited Simba to stay on stage and sing and dance with her!  Haha, loved it – well done Simba!


Simba is fast becoming a formidable MC, and looking the part too…!


Before I continue with the Final Show on Saturday night I thought that we might share some moments from the Media launch earlier in the Week…


Possibly one of my favourite shots of the Ladies, enjoying lunch on Friday afternoon after rehearsals – hungry and relaxed…!


Amor entertained us during the course of the evening with various tracks from her numerous albums and I must say looked #Amazing on the Night…!


And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, it was that time again – the Final Countdown.  When 22 become 10, and 10 become 5 and 5 become 3, and 3 become 1….!  The ladies looked #Stunning on the night, none more so than our eventual Winner.  Earlier in the evening the ladies were introduced to us, and they shared with us their ambitions as well as the good work they had done during the course of the pageant.  As I mentioned earlier, this is perhaps the part of the Pageantry that is the most important.  Encouraging our contestants to go out into the community and show the rest of us how it is done.  This is the perfect time to introduce some of our Celebs that were there on the night, as just like the contestants, they too have done amazing work within their local community to make a difference.  Let’s see who was there….


Before I actually introduce you to the Final 3 and the Winner I found some interesting shots of our Gorgeous Judges whilst they were being introduced to the contestants on the night, and whilst they were fiercely deliberating…


As the tension mounted during the course of the evening, and as each of us was trying to put together our top 3 contestants for the crown, the Judges had a challenging job at best deciding who would be the winner of the R600’000 prize and an opportunity to carry the crown for a year and do some noteworthy work for the Pageant during the course of their reign.  As the Final 5 were announced, Roelien Kroon, Debbie Braun, Chantelle Swart, Kholofelo Chademanah, and Chane de Kock; those of us that had spent time with the contestants in the run up to the Final night were not too surprised as we had all enjoyed and some time or another the worthy attributes that had given these last 5 contestants a chance at the title.  Anyone who had spent some time with Kholo, knows that she is as crazy as she is fun, and a dream to work with.  In fact, her husband is even crazier than she is if that is at all possible!

Annica's at the Michelangelo Towers Mall in Sandton is hard to beat for the finest Cuisine around Jozi...

Annica’s at the Michelangelo Towers Mall in Sandton is hard to beat for the finest Cuisine around Jozi…

Kholofelo was crowned our worthy 2nd princess…


Chantelle Swart who we had also first encountered at our Sandton show was crowned our 1st Princess for this year….


A worthy Winner, I’m sure you’ll all agree, all the way from one of our finest Wine regions Stellenbosch – Chane de Kock.  Let’s have a look at her road to Victory…


All in all it was a fantastic evening hosting some of the country’s best people.  Thanks to all that made it a special evening, and thanks especially to the amazing contestants that showed us all what we should be doing within our communities over the next 12 months.  You Ladies were spectacular, thanks for sharing your journey with us…


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