Wedding Photography

FranklyWild Studio is a fully equipped photographic studio allowing versatility and efficiency in creating TIMELESS images and related products. FranklyWild Studio has the facilities to ensure that your experience is comfortable and enjoyable resulting in optimum photographic results. FranklyWild Studio offers you the means to facilitate your wedding preparations in one location by providing the following facilities:

Photographic Studio

Cosmetic Studio

Nail Studio

Hair Styling Studio

Changing Room

Make-up artists, nail technicians, and hairstylists can be arranged by FranklyWild Studio, or your personal choice of such artists are  welcome to accompany you to FranklyWild Studio.


Celebrate your engagement with FranklyWild Studio and relish this Joyful milestone in your relationship by creating memorable and TIMELESS images of your engagement journey.

FranklyWild Studio facilities can be fully utilised forin-studio shoots.

FranklyWild Studio can facilitate location shoots at any locations of your choice.

FranklyWild Studio’s related products will enchance your engagement experience by making your engagement memories TIMELESS.


Allow FranklyWild Studio to capture your bachelorette celebration party for you. FranklyWild will accompany you and your “party” to the location of your choice, or,

Utilise the FranklyWild Studio facilities to host a “SuperModel for the Day Event” with your closest¬† friends.

Learn how to apply your make-up professionally and enjoy an in-studio photoshoot of you looking fabulous.


Use FranklyWild Studio to ensure that your wedding vision materialises perfectly by booking your bridal trial with us.

Bridal trials with FranklyWild Studio will give you the confidence that your dress, make-up, hair, nails and accessories are exactly as you have imagined.

Bridal trials with FranklyWild Studio gives you the opportunity to focus on your wedding preparations in a comfortable and enjoyable environment ensuring that your decisions are stress free.

Bridal trials with FranklyWild Studio will leave you with gorgeous images that you may want to include in your wedding day album.


FranklyWild Studio offers the following exciting wedding related products that will render your wedding journey TIMELESS:

Image re-touching and design supplied in high resolution on DVD in both print resolution and in web resolution

Custom designed DVD covers

Custom designed bachelorette, bridal trial and wedding albums

Custom designed wedding album boxes

All image printing

All image framing, stretch framing, box framing, block mounting and much more,… please enquire with us


Technical skill is mastery of complexity, while creativity is mastery of simplicity.

Christopher Zeeman