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Sexy, Seductive & Sensual – Technical Underwear..!

Now many of our Sporty Girls out there will claim that Technical Underwear is SUPPORTIVE ‘like a Man should be’!  All of us girls know that technical knickers and a sporty bra wick sweat away from the body with padded and adjustable straps and breathable fabrics, and along with the ergonomic style and design that comes with most of them today, they maximise comfort and the efficiency of a good workout.  But is that all that Technical Underwear does, and is that all that Technical Underwear is?  Not according to our Technical Underwear Stylist.


“You are forgetting the three “S’s” of Technical Underwear.”  Technical Underwear can be Sexy, Seductive and Sensual,” our Stylist for the day tells me.  I start to come around to her way of thinking, as I remember how the heads turn in the Gym each time I do a push-up.  “Is that what you’re getting at” I ask our Stylist.  “No” she continues, “You are forgetting a key fashion item that was incredibly popular over a Century ago, and it wasn’t the Sport Bra.”  “Ah” I reply, “I know what it is, but how on earth did women walk, sit or even attend to the calls of nature?  It’s a Corset!”




“Yes,” she replies, “Corsets over the years have been used to slim the body and make it conform to a fashionable silhouette. For women this most frequently meant a curvy figure, where the corset was used to reduce the waist, and thereby exaggerate the Bust and Hips.  But times have moved on, and now they are comfortable, and convenient for the ‘calls’ of nature” she laughs.  To our Stylist it means the three S’s, Sexy, Seductive, and Sensual.  Our Technical Underwear Stylist runs an Italian Couture Lingerie and Hosiery in Johannesburg, and is very active in the Wedding Industry, where she wholesales her Corsetry to the Top Designers in the South African Wedding industry.


All of her products and materials are manufactured and hand crafted in a small town in Italy near Verona, using only the finest silk and exclusive Italian design.  Her key brands have both been proven in the Italian market for over 50 years.  “The craftsmanship and style has been uncovered through the study of the female figure and the meticulous selection of quality materials over the years, along with high precision workmanship and perfect wear-ability; just like your Sports Bra” she jokes.


As I study the Corsetry, the combination of hand stitched soft delicate lace and gorgeous embroidery that truly embody the elegance of the three “S’s” as our Stylist has explained it to me, I start to see how this could make a Bride feel Sexy, Seductive and Sensual on her Wedding Night.


I conclude our discussion “Jacelyn, if my wedding night starts like this, and I offer my future husband the three S’s, then maybe, just maybe, this is a Key Ingredient to starting my Marriage off on the right footing…!?”  Jacelyn replies, “it’s worked for me…”

This #AwesomeCorsetry was recently showcased at a couple of Fashion Shows choreographed by @_FranklyWild.  The first was hosted at the Sandton Convention Centre and the second at the VIP Room in the Towers opposite the SCC.  Enjoy a couple of the images from the Show…





If you want more details on the 3 “S’s” or the Corsetry concerned let us know through this Blog…!


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