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David Tlale – “Fashion is a Product, it says I’m Beautiful, Buy Me”

Thanks to ALL for helping with a #WickedSetUp and #WickedShoot it sure shows in the Video!



Being on Schedule to participate as Your own Brand in #NYFashionWeek, is like Winning a GOLD Medal at the Olympics, especially as it is the gateway to the fashion worlds biggest market.  Just under 2 years ago our very own #KingOfFashion – David Tlale – did just that!  Now if it was anybody else, they would have played it safe, but it wasn’t anybody else – it was David Tlale.  So what did he do, he dispensed with Styling the Models Hair and instead went for Head Pieces, Clean faces and Bold Lips, and it worked – the reviews were Stunning.


You can imagine then, how ecstatic we were when David Tlale accepted our invitation to participate in our inaugural FranklyWild PowerHalfHour FashionShow series.  In case you’re wondering what a PowerHalfHour is, it is a combination of a catwalk, an installation (Models act as Mannequins) and a Buyers Lounge – all in the space of half an hour!  If you’re still wondering, then it is best you pop down to Emperors Palace in Jozi this coming weekend (12th & 13th July) and see for yourself.  It is also the inaugural event for The East Rand Wedding Show so it is going to be a very exciting weekend indeed, especially for all those Brides-to-be that are joining us.

David_Tlale_WEB GALLERY-02A-0356

To promote the event we asked David Tlale to pop into the Studio for a shoot.  Being the Gentleman he is, he did exactly that.  What we didn’t know is that he had just spent the week abroad, had spent the weekend in Cape Town, and was due to leave for the States the following day – but pop into the Studio he did!  When we asked him about the ‘jet lag’ he answered, “I don’t have time for it, when I’m tired I sleep”.  I suppose that is what sets David apart from the rest & why David is renowned for designing garments for Woman who want to make a statement #SexyPowerfulWoman #MakingAnEntrance #LoveDrama #HighFashion #ExcitingFabrics #CommandAttention


Knowing David, if you’re at the show, you may just get a chance to meet him!  So pop down and come and say Hi……! Tickets are available on Webtickets or at the Door.


Makeup was compliments of @KBeautySA #KardashianBeauty @SavannaJardine & Hair was by @Dr_Foil #HairGenius.  Thanks also to @ERWedding #TheEastRandWeddingShow for giving us an Event to Showcase our New #FranklyWild #PowerHalfHour #FashionShow Series, and of course @EmperorsPalace #YourPalaceOfDreams for the upcoming Venue.

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I have a Shot at the Title…!

Little did 13 young ladies realise a few weeks back, how talented and special they really are.


Something tells me that even now, some of them still may not realise it…maybe that’s a good thing, but over the next few weeks they are going to find out fast, just how hard you have to work to get that SHOT!  Few young ladies ever get to have a ‘Shot at the Title‘, but these young girls have certainly earned theirs!


We cast over 130 people to be in our maiden FranklyWild #PowerHalfHourFashionShow, something we conceptualised just a few months ago, this coming July at the East Rand Wedding Show at Emperors Palace; featuring two of the countries hottest designers and the industry’s leading Bridal supplier.


On Monday we took the top 30 girls from the original casting, gave them some time to prepare, and then chose the final 13.  I know it was nerve racking for some, but the truth of it is, that it was actually a really good opportunity.  It was a real life experience for the girls, and as we all know experience equals success.  At the very least all the girls that attended got to experience a professional industry casting, and for the talented 13 they get to taste a little more.


We’re shooting with them in the Studio today, so let’s take a look at some of the results.  Some of them might just have a Shot At The Title…!

Makeup by @KBeautySA #KardashianBeautySA, Hair by @Dr_Foil #DrFoilHairGenius, Styling by #JacelynAtVanita, Outfits by #PronoviasMTM & #VanitaLingerie














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Highlights from FranklyWild Fashion Show Oakfield Farm Bridal Expo #SS2014

Highlights from the @_FranklyWild #FashionShow…!

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#COSMOSexyMan 2014…

And the Winner is………………..!!

SHOW-Studio Session-163

This year the #COSMOSexyMan event was held at #Jozi’s #Room5 in Rivonia.







Right….I suppose it is fair to say that this is one for the Ladies….!  This week was the ultimate in sweet smelling sweat, rippling muscles, and that breed we just LOVE to hate!  The 2014 #COSMOSexyMan Event.

BRANDING-Studio Session-095_Edit_FWS

BRANDING-Studio Session-120_Edit_FWS


BRANDING-Studio Session-132_Edit_FWS

BRANDING-Studio Session-192_Edit_FWS 

BRANDING-Studio Session-186_Edit_FWS

BRANDING-Studio Session-135_Edit_FWS


This was the 2nd event we’ve attended, so it is fair to say now that something that really sticks out more than anything else about the annual contenders for this coveted #COSMOSexyMan Award, is that these blokes are all damn fine Gentlemen!  Three cheers to all of you #Boys….you rocked…!


#COSMOSexyMen #Past&Present @S_Maps & @jon_boyntonlee


Now I know that NONE of the readers of this blog are too interested in my words….especially the ladies reading it right now….what they really want is the piccies….so I’ll keep this blog short and sweet and I’ll tell you the story of the night through pictures…with some dialogue from me of course….!







More than any other celebrity or media house, one stood out head and shoulders above the rest…. @SABC3Topbilling had no less than four, yes 4 of their presenters present at this years event.  But what a lot of you probably don’t know is that all 4 of them were there for different reasons. @jon_boyntonlee was there as contestant number one…or Mr January; @SimbaThe1 was there to cover the event for his employer @SABC3Topbilling, @Bonang_M was Emcee for the evening and last but perhaps most interestingly, for those of you gents out there reading this blog that don’t already know, @jeannieous was there to support Mr October @WrightBrennan who has stolen her heart – and you will see why in the piccies!







BRANDING-Studio Session-144_Edit_FWS

Once again, three cheers to @SABC3Topbilling, as you won’t meet any more decent and real presenters, always willing to chat and entertain guests at this sort of an event; than from their stable!  #ShoutOut to @SABC3Topbilling & @jeannieous @Bonang_M @SimbaThe1 #COSMOSexyMan @jon_boyntonlee




As the who’s who of Jo’burgs upwardly mobile streamed into the event, #Glitz #Glamour #Fashion & #Beauty reigned supreme!




@brutalfruitsa was sponsoring the event once again, and their #Glamorous #BrandAmbassador @MahanjanaLulama was close at hand to welcome the guests.

BRANDING-Studio Session-223_Edit_FWS

BRANDING-Studio Session-245_Edit_FWS

The One and Only @GUESS sponsored the clothes for the Guys and we’ll let you decide how awesome they looked in their #GuessGear….take a look….







Now no #COSMOSexyMan Event would be complete without some awesome entertainment and #headlining the event was @ChianoSky & @RossJackSA.  As always #Awesome







The #UpwardlyMobile of #Joburg were also true to form.  Everyone was mingling and networking and enjoying every moment of the @CosmopolitanSA, @brutalfruitsa, & @GUESS hospitality on display.  Chatting, drinking, sharing some stories, and planning for the coming days of what is going to be an #AwesomeYear for all of us!  Of course our #Favourite PR company was there @InfiniteComPR with #LeonAndLeon…..great to see you Gents again….dapper as always!  Enjoy…


I’ve got to say it again because of the impression they left with us!

#ShoutOut to all the #COSMOSexyMan #Finalists You are all a bunch of #AwesomeBlokes #LovedWorkingWithYou







What do You Guys think of the 2 new “OO” Candidates……”OO8 & OO9″

BRANDING-Studio Session-184_Edit_FWS_Web

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FranklyWild Fashion Show at the Oakfield Farm Bridal-Expo #SS2014 …!


At last the weekend I had been waiting for all year arrived!  I had been shepherded for sometime, by social media, towards the @Oakfield_Farm @BridalExpoSA which took place on the 18 & 19 Jan 2014!  This was perfectly OK by me, as I’m getting married soon and it is just where I want to go!  Like any Glamour Gal, I was going to make sure that I didn’t miss the Fashion Show, why, because I want to be in a hot little number when I get married.  To ensure I wouldn’t get lost, this coral of Social Media played its part in securing my attendance as the build-up to the @_FranklyWild #FashionShow began!






Now before I get to the Fashion Show…. I had a lot going through my mind….decisions, decisions….venue, food, flowers, stationery, photo’s, video, and perhaps most important my Gown!  My checklist in tow, I began the adventure. There was a new outfitter at the Expo this year – Angelino based at the Michelangelo Towers Mall in Sandton.  They stock some awesome Italian designs and were running a 50% Off #InStorePrices – but just for the Expo weekend.  I picked up some ties, shirts and a pair of trousers for my Fella, and still had enough change in my pocket for a Boerewors Roll before the big Show.





As I made my way past the Chapel I managed to get myself a glass of Pierre Jourdan bubbly for a tenner.


Now, I was armed and ready for what was hyped up to be a spectacular fashion show, and the last thing on my checklist – a Bridal Gown.  Let the Show begin, I commanded, as if my thoughts were powerful enough to resonate through to the Fashion Show Director, and ensure they started in time to feed my desires.  I don’t know why I was so impatient at this point, as there was some great live entertainment on the go, Havana Gas were doing a set I could sing to, so I snuggled into my chair, now content, and waited for the @_FranklyWild #FashionShow.


The Fashion Show started to a lively rendition of Chris Brown’s ‘Beautiful People’, rather appropriate I thought as I looked around the stage at my fellow brides-to-be, and from the shadows of the tree’s to my right a Limo emerged.  Luxury Limo’s of very kindly allowed our Brides to arrive in their latest limo’s.  They are the only Limo company in SA to have a Mini and a Beetle Limo!

What oh what, was going to step out I wondered, as I enjoyed yet another sip of bubbly.  As the door of the Limo opened the brides stepped out and swayed onto the stage as ‘Beautiful People’ merged into Liquid Deep’s ‘Alone’.

PAGE-10&11_FH22141 (1)

Three rather bewildered young men stepped out of the car and made their way on stage, and you’re not going to believe this next bit……..wearing everything but their trousers.  I loved it; so true…what is the last thing your fella puts on before he goes out – and especially on his wedding day…his trousers LMAO.  Oh, and instead of their trousers they had a bottle of champers in tow…soooo true of men!


They started the Fashion Show with Lingerie by Anna Pardal.  It looked comfy, cosy and “where do I get a pair” was my only thought.







As that was still resonating in my head …. I started to hear church bells ring, and as I gazed behind me towards the Chapel, I was just in time to see a Bride & Groom releasing Doves.  “What a handsome couple I thought,” as they made their way up to the Show Stage.


Pronovias Barcelona (in SA) launched their ‘Flower-Girl-Gown-Collection’, with 2 little poppets as they danced and grinned across the stage, scattering Rose petals in all directions as they raced to meet the Bride & Groom at the foot of the stage.


As it turned out, this was a celebrity couple.  @MorganBeatbox was the Groom and he had decided to tie-the-knot on the day to the #Gorgeous @Caley_J.  As they were invited up on stage, closely followed by the two flower, I absolutely loved the 1st kiss…and to be honest it was a ‘get-a-room-moment’.  Morgan stayed on stage to do a Beatboxing set, and it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen this young man, he is talented, he is magnificent and he is our very own – South African & Unofficial World Record holder!  Morgan astonished us with some magnificent Beatboxing before he was asked to join the ‘Grooms’ and Model, which I believe was a first time for him.  Morgan being the sport that he is immediately accepted the challenge and left the stage I presume to find his 1st outfit…





And then it began, the @_FranklyWild Fashion Show with Pronovias Barcelona stealing the show from the beginning with their #AweInspiring Internationally designed and unique collection.  Wow, that opening set with an upbeat fast tempo in a mini-skirt bridal gown to Vanessa Paradis’ Divine Idylle was sensational.  And to top it all, the next track was Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe singing ‘Barcelona’.  Pronovias Barcelona had set the precedent, so how would the rest of the show unfold?



I must just add, that the show would not have been possible had it not been for the great job done by Tentation, in providing the cover for us all, and of course Blast Entertainment for the sound and lighting – #ShoutOut to #Tentation & #BlastE


@Dr_Foil was next up and if you don’t already know….he is a ladies #BFF.  If you don’t know why…read my Blog titled “No Woman should be without Him”.  I believe a picture tells a thousand words, and this man is #Spectacular so enjoy my story in pictures…!

















All the #Brides had #StunningMakeUp as @Sam_Scarborough did some exceptional work by creating several different looks just to exhibit what was possible for a bride on her special day.  Sam used four popular looks to demonstrate some options for the #BridesToBe.  A Natural fresh faced bride, Vintage bride with a classic 50’s style, Modern bride with a pop of colour, and of course the all-time favourite Smokey eyes!  Take a peek at the various images on show in this blog to see the variety that Sam showcased for us…


Similarly, Danielle Kaplan of Fringe Salon was inspirational in her attention to detail as she stroked and weaved every strand of the #Brides hair into position.  The Brides looked sensational as Danielle illustrated just what is possible on your special day…


The Bridal Gowns on Display were amazing, I mean this really is the place to come if you’re searching for a Gown for your wedding.  We had stunning designs by #BridalWardrobe, New Romantics and the Wedding Dress Company.  New Romantics offer really convenient two piece gowns giving the bride that freedom to enjoy her day as she should, and the Wedding Dress Co. are putting some bright colour back into bridal.


Hettie from #F&HCreations offered some exceptional finesse and style with the Gowns she showcased.  F&H offers superb attention to detail and this is reflected in their Gowns!


#DiamondLove of Killarney Mall showcased some gowns from their Enzoane collection, they have an awesome Store in the Mall so pop past and say Hi to Tumi who will be glad to do a fitting with you!


Anel Botha of Anel Botha Couture showcased some spectacular designs of her own.  Anel designs and makes her gowns in her Studio.  If you’re looking for a local designer with superb talent, be sure to make a booking with Anel who will be glad to secure an appointment for you either in her Krugersdorp or Johannesburg Studio.




#GFBridal carry a stunning range of Gowns, all tailored specifically for the Bride and you can visit GF in Store near Montecasino in the North of #Jozi and just ask for Elsa; or if you’re closer to the South they have an #Awesome Boutique situated in the #JoburgFlowerMarket complete with fitting rooms, and hospitality second to none where Tamsin will fit you into that once in a lifetime #BridalGown


#VonveBridal carry some awesome gowns, and not just for the #Bride but they also carry a #Bridesmaid and #MotherOfTheBride collection.  If I’m not mistaken, #Vonve now stock the #BadgleyMischka collection and are the only stockists of this range in South Africa.  Rochelle has a lovely boutique where she offers intimate and confidential service, so if you’re looking for some undivided attention and an awesome bridal gown make a booking with Rochelle now!


It was a #sensational show, full of great #bridalgowns and #superb entertainment.   The Emcee was #awesome and of course…the part I love the most….an opportunity to win some shoes or maybe even a #FreeWedding.  But again, I’m going to show you how awesome it was…not tell you…so enjoy…..!












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Catch the Ultimate in Bridal-Expo’s in Gauteng this month! 18/19 Jan 2014

The Ultimate in Bridal-Expo’s this month!  18/19 Jan 2014 in Gauteng

Well, that is a pretty bold statement if you look at the title of this Blog – I mean the word ULTIMATE tells me that it is going to be the Best of the Best of the Best..!

But folks, it is.

South Africa’s TOP Bridal Exhibition is about to unfold in just over 1 week’s time.  Ok, so I’ve made another sweeping statement using the word ‘Top’.  Let’s face it; you have to be confident to use those 2 powerful words when you talk about something.  Why don’t you come on down and see if I’m wrong.  On the 18th and 19th of January – yes just a few days time – the Ultimate in Bridal-Expo’s is going to unfold.


South Africa’s biggest and best outdoor @BridalExpoSA #SS2014 is taking place @Oakfield_Farm once again, and with the #FashionShow getting a #MakeOver it promises to be the best ever.


So those of you that have already been to a FranklyWild #FashionShow will know that they never disappoint and always have something #Spectacular & #Innovative on offer.  Well Yes, you’ve guessed it – @_FranklyWild is doing the #SS2014 #FashionShow @Oakfield_Farm’s @BridalExpoSA.  You may already know @_FranklyWild …


The Wild1 with Chu Suwannapha @safashionweek #AW2014…

The Wild1 with Chu Suwannapha @safashionweek #AW2014…


It is going to be different, it is going to be special and it is going to entertain!  But perhaps more importantly, it is going to showcase the best of #Gauteng’s #BridalCouture.  If you’re a serious Bride, and you’re looking for the #Best of what’s on offer then you should get down to @Oakfield_Farm’s @BridalExpoSA 18/19Jan2014.  It is the ULTIMATE Bridal Expo in SA with the TOP Exhibitors showcasing the BEST of the BEST for the Bride and Groom in 2014!










Nobody can say it better than #Michelle, or plan it better than #Siann so in their words, this is what it is going to be all about!

“Every bride deserves to fulfill her dream. Oakfield Farm Wedding Venue is renowned for slick co-ordination. Our two Bridal Expos held in January & July each year continue to celebrate their uniqueness – upholding both an easy-going vibe enhanced by the exceptional quality of exhibitors; the elegant grandeur of its existence and of course the proficiency of Oakfield’s friendly staff members.

Couples get to meet SA’s leading wedding specialists in the beautiful and romantic gardens of this sought after wedding venue. 

Add to that, no expo is complete without great food and entertainment. And great food can only be “GREAT” if there is no compromise on ingredients. Visitors can choose to enjoy their food by either -bringing their own ground blanket and choosing a spot on the grounds – or sitting at tables in the gardens & listening to great live entertainment. 

With over 120 Wedding Specialists to choose from, a spectacular FREE @_FranklyWild FASHION SHOW @ 4pm, GREAT Food, Live entertainment & OVER R125’000 in Prizes to be WON at the Fashion Show each day, this bridal event is guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired & ready to plan your PERFECT day!”


So, it is starting to make sense now, right!  Outdoor Bridal Expo, Great Food – bring your own if you like & enjoy it in the awesome surroundings of @Oakfield_Farm – a FREE Wedding, YES Free Wedding (Venue, Food, Photies, MU, Hair, and, and, and…) to be given-away daily at the #FashionShow, an #Astonishing Hair-Show demonstration by one of SA’s #TopStylists @Dr_Foil, #BreathTaking #BridalCouture to be showcased at the #FashionShow, and a real-live #Celebrity performing at the @_FranklyWild #FashionShow – this celebrity recently performed at the 94.7 Highveld Stereo Jo’burg Day in front of over 30’000 cheering fans!  Oh, and of course it is a @_FranklyWild #FashionShow!


I guess you’re now starting to understand what licences me to use those bold adjectives!  This truly is the #ULTIMATE #TOP @BridalExpoSA.  If your date is drawing nearer, or you’re just thinking about it, come to @Oakfield_Farm and say Hi to us at the Show…!


Go to the BridalExpo website and follow the links to get your webticket (or you can buy it at the gate on the day!), and read about what you can expect at South Africa’s Ultimate Bridal Expo!


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