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I have a Shot at the Title…!

Little did 13 young ladies realise a few weeks back, how talented and special they really are.


Something tells me that even now, some of them still may not realise it…maybe that’s a good thing, but over the next few weeks they are going to find out fast, just how hard you have to work to get that SHOT!  Few young ladies ever get to have a ‘Shot at the Title‘, but these young girls have certainly earned theirs!


We cast over 130 people to be in our maiden FranklyWild #PowerHalfHourFashionShow, something we conceptualised just a few months ago, this coming July at the East Rand Wedding Show at Emperors Palace; featuring two of the countries hottest designers and the industry’s leading Bridal supplier.


On Monday we took the top 30 girls from the original casting, gave them some time to prepare, and then chose the final 13.  I know it was nerve racking for some, but the truth of it is, that it was actually a really good opportunity.  It was a real life experience for the girls, and as we all know experience equals success.  At the very least all the girls that attended got to experience a professional industry casting, and for the talented 13 they get to taste a little more.


We’re shooting with them in the Studio today, so let’s take a look at some of the results.  Some of them might just have a Shot At The Title…!

Makeup by @KBeautySA #KardashianBeautySA, Hair by @Dr_Foil #DrFoilHairGenius, Styling by #JacelynAtVanita, Outfits by #PronoviasMTM & #VanitaLingerie














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@Stuttafords_za #MensFashionTrends

Few People you meet ALWAYS light up when you greet them, and cascade you with an amazing sense of specialness.  Thanks @jennifer_su you did it again today, looking #Sensational as always.


There are a couple of interesting points that came out of Today’s #MensFashionTrends with @Stuttafords_za.  I’ll not be going out this winter looking scruffy and comfortable because according to Ryan the two don’t go together any more.  I’ll be going out looking comfortable, stylish and dapper.  Looking forward to it.  Ted baker, Ben sherman, Guess, Lyle and Scott, Levi, Belfield, Sgt Pepper, Addidas, Hurley, Vans.  Ryan Curnow showed us what is Trending this season at Stuttafords Men…


@sgtpepperbrand continues to please with their simple yet effective #DenimAndDust.  I love the look because the shades are subtle yet effective, the denim looks old but new, its rustic and Yeah I WANT that two tone shirt that is hidden but shouting out from behind the jacket, is it blue and red, is blue and tan, is it…..I don’t care. I want it!


Ryan…building desire in my mind about what’s #Trending this season and in particular for me, #SgtPepper and that #TwoTone….!


There is an expression…..we didn’t Invent it, we Perfected it….well however you’re imagining it applying to this brand….it is certainly what I think about each time they seasonalise me – tell me I’m wrong.  Maybe they were the first, maybe they weren’t….who cares….. @LevistraussSA is showcasing some hot casual wear this Winter.  The hint of ‘camo’ (Camouflage) really rocks it for me – remember the days when we weren’t allowed to wear Camo – well they’re gone….so I’m gonna get a few jackets and a couple of pairs…watch me!  Also, one of my favourite belts is a LEVI and they gave me another wicked belt in the #GoodieBag – Thanks @LevistraussSA #501’s


They first made it to the stage in the 70’s I think, but their maturity is starting to show now as they match young with old, new with fresh, and suave with chic – Bellfield I like…


And whilst we are on Suave I have to mention Lyle & Scott.  Our friends from that ice-cube up north they call Scotland seem to be getting it right consistently now – they’ve done it again.  Take a look – it’s bold, it’s smart, it’s casual, it’s chequered, it looks comfy, IT IS…!


The last one I’m going to single out from today’s #MensFashionTrends with @Stuttafords_za is what I would wear if I was going walkabout.  Damn, it looks comfy.  If I get too hot, I can take something off and still look good, if it’s nippy I stay warm, but most of all when I order a Pint from the #HotLittleNumber behind the Bar – she won’t say no, she might think yummy; if I’m wearing Hurley…take a look…


Oh, and guess who won a #LuckyDrawPrize.  @_FranklyWild’s #Wild1 getting a #PoloRED from @jennifer_su #THANKS. #WeWon


Before I sign off for this Blog a #BIG #ShoutOut to @derikvanwyk #ThanksDude …….. #YouKnowWhy….!  The Event Rocked, the food was great, the champers was welcome, the hospitality was second to none – Loved it.  A woman never smiles quite as much as when she is holding a #GoodieBag – right Derik?  Awesome #GoodieBags Boet, thanks to you and your sponsors for those – W.I.C.K.E.D…


Enough chatter from me…… @Stuttafords_za #MensFashionTrends in pictures….












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#COSMOSexyMan 2014…

And the Winner is………………..!!

SHOW-Studio Session-163

This year the #COSMOSexyMan event was held at #Jozi’s #Room5 in Rivonia.







Right….I suppose it is fair to say that this is one for the Ladies….!  This week was the ultimate in sweet smelling sweat, rippling muscles, and that breed we just LOVE to hate!  The 2014 #COSMOSexyMan Event.

BRANDING-Studio Session-095_Edit_FWS

BRANDING-Studio Session-120_Edit_FWS


BRANDING-Studio Session-132_Edit_FWS

BRANDING-Studio Session-192_Edit_FWS 

BRANDING-Studio Session-186_Edit_FWS

BRANDING-Studio Session-135_Edit_FWS


This was the 2nd event we’ve attended, so it is fair to say now that something that really sticks out more than anything else about the annual contenders for this coveted #COSMOSexyMan Award, is that these blokes are all damn fine Gentlemen!  Three cheers to all of you #Boys….you rocked…!


#COSMOSexyMen #Past&Present @S_Maps & @jon_boyntonlee


Now I know that NONE of the readers of this blog are too interested in my words….especially the ladies reading it right now….what they really want is the piccies….so I’ll keep this blog short and sweet and I’ll tell you the story of the night through pictures…with some dialogue from me of course….!







More than any other celebrity or media house, one stood out head and shoulders above the rest…. @SABC3Topbilling had no less than four, yes 4 of their presenters present at this years event.  But what a lot of you probably don’t know is that all 4 of them were there for different reasons. @jon_boyntonlee was there as contestant number one…or Mr January; @SimbaThe1 was there to cover the event for his employer @SABC3Topbilling, @Bonang_M was Emcee for the evening and last but perhaps most interestingly, for those of you gents out there reading this blog that don’t already know, @jeannieous was there to support Mr October @WrightBrennan who has stolen her heart – and you will see why in the piccies!







BRANDING-Studio Session-144_Edit_FWS

Once again, three cheers to @SABC3Topbilling, as you won’t meet any more decent and real presenters, always willing to chat and entertain guests at this sort of an event; than from their stable!  #ShoutOut to @SABC3Topbilling & @jeannieous @Bonang_M @SimbaThe1 #COSMOSexyMan @jon_boyntonlee




As the who’s who of Jo’burgs upwardly mobile streamed into the event, #Glitz #Glamour #Fashion & #Beauty reigned supreme!




@brutalfruitsa was sponsoring the event once again, and their #Glamorous #BrandAmbassador @MahanjanaLulama was close at hand to welcome the guests.

BRANDING-Studio Session-223_Edit_FWS

BRANDING-Studio Session-245_Edit_FWS

The One and Only @GUESS sponsored the clothes for the Guys and we’ll let you decide how awesome they looked in their #GuessGear….take a look….







Now no #COSMOSexyMan Event would be complete without some awesome entertainment and #headlining the event was @ChianoSky & @RossJackSA.  As always #Awesome







The #UpwardlyMobile of #Joburg were also true to form.  Everyone was mingling and networking and enjoying every moment of the @CosmopolitanSA, @brutalfruitsa, & @GUESS hospitality on display.  Chatting, drinking, sharing some stories, and planning for the coming days of what is going to be an #AwesomeYear for all of us!  Of course our #Favourite PR company was there @InfiniteComPR with #LeonAndLeon…..great to see you Gents again….dapper as always!  Enjoy…


I’ve got to say it again because of the impression they left with us!

#ShoutOut to all the #COSMOSexyMan #Finalists You are all a bunch of #AwesomeBlokes #LovedWorkingWithYou







What do You Guys think of the 2 new “OO” Candidates……”OO8 & OO9″

BRANDING-Studio Session-184_Edit_FWS_Web

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